InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2 HP review

This is one of the best and also one of the most attractively priced products in terms of garbage disposal units that are available in the market. It comes with the following features:

This is a ½ HP food disposal unit that comes with a tremendous build quality and design in order to withstand environmental conditions for years. It is built to provide a complete trouble free seamless service.

1d5ad87f-02d2-4ae4-9b2a-7c2f82b5bc8b_400The construction of the material is truly world class with a really complete rugged build quality and at the same time a full galvanized steel construction for maximum usage without any trouble at all.

This garbage disposal review is completely powered by the best induction motors that come with the most rugged utility in them. The disposer durability of this design is also quite rugged in nature.

The stainless steel assemblies in this device completely attach without any risk of ever getting dropped or detached.

This product enjoys a complete 2 years warranty in order to provide the best sort of customer service and satisfaction.

The PART number of this product is designated Badger 5. The complete item comes at an overall weight of about 14 pounds which is on the heavier side but also quite manageable. This comes at a complete size of twin which makes it quite awesome in utility.

The color of the device is gray and on top of that it comes with a voltage of 120. It has an o.5 horsepower unit that is capable of dealing with the device garbage disposal without any problems at all.

There are different sorts of food materials that can be easily disposed of with the help of this particular product. The different types of chicken bones, the various sizes of fruit rinds and also many other formidably sized food wastes can be easily removed with this product and its usage.

For the lasting durability, this product comes with a highly rugged construction for the best usage in the modern world. The compact design of this particular product ensures that it fits quite easily under your sink without taking up too much of space. The twist on quick lock ensures that it is completely well installed and also well attached. The induction motor is of the Dura Drive category which is quite well in quality and also has the habit of lasting quite long.

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